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 Buy tropical treesgiving amazing paybackfrom tree  planting company Better Globe  (buy one tree at 15 €,      get 169 € back)

 Worried about Climate Change?
 Looking for a green business or a timber investment opportunity?
 Do you wish  you could participate more in poverty eradication?

 Do you want to stop deforestation and save the rainforests?
 Or do you simply want to plan your retirement or give your grandchildren          some valuable gift?  

 The solution to all this is planting trees! Buy fast growing tropical trees from tree planting company Better    Globe Forestry which plants your investment trees in big plantations  in Kenya. Better Globe Forerstry is          one of the leading tree planting companies in East Africa, What Better Globe is doing is  unique. Most of            the tropical tree planting companies plant their trees where rainfall is in ambundance. Better Globe Forestry is    planting their trees in dry areas, and with excellent  results. By this trees do not compete with food production.  On the contrary, as the trees grow their canopies will shelter the plants at the ground with more shallow root  systems, so that they can survive and produce crops.

 So far 98 % of tropical timber on the world market origin from natural rain forests. This must come to an end as  rain forests are valuable for so many other reasons than logging, not at least as it is the habitats for thousands  and thousands of animal species, and further, for its biodiversity. The value of biodiversity is underestimated,  and  this value must be restored so that unsustainable logging in tropical forests will be banned.

 Climate change  is real, and average temperature is rapidly approaching a point of no return, threatening the  whole world. The cutting of trees alone is estimated to 17 % of total CO2 emissions!

 But if logging of natural rain forests will be banned, one main problem is still not solved: Demand for tropical  timber will be strong and even escalating, and this demand will threaten the rain forests still. Here is where tree  plantations come in. In the future these plantations can deliver the timber demanded, and indirectly this will  save the rain forests. These plantations must be sustainably managed, of course.

 Tropical trees are fast growing, and by  the selection of species of  trees that has been done, Better Globe can  pay interest back to the owner already after 4 years. Another feature that is unique is that investing in trees has  been made possible to everyone!  Tree market has so far been a closed market to most of us, as  approximately one million USD has been necessary to enter the market. In Better Globe you can enter the  market if you have 20 USD.(15 €) Look at the payback info further down at this site! And as stocks go up and  down, trees grow steadily, adding value to themselves all the time. So do the prices.

 Buying tropical trees from Better Globe is a low risk - high yield investment, now made possible to  everyone. Consider also that this is giving work to poor farmers in Kenya, and the environmental benefit is also  evident: It reduces CO2 content in atmosphere. In fact it can completely put your carbon footprint to zero!

 Buy Better Globe's tropical trees and get a payback of 12 times of retail price. Minimum  investment
 ONE TREE AT 15 Euro.
 Participate in the donation programme and support school building, water
 solutions in dry areas, bring work and hope for the future to poor African people


 Click on the links supported on this site to learn more about these amazing and    documented projects!  

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Demand for tropical trees is now 25 times higher than in 1960 and is  steadily growing, but supply from
natural rainforests will diminish dramatically, either due to  banning of logging or no trees left to cut.  Prices of certified tropical trees from plantations will probably explode within a
short time!
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